Butt Out Legends: Dáire

In this edition of Butt Out Legends we talk to Dáire; our first international Legend!


Who are you?

My name is Dáire and I'm from Maynooth, County Kildare, Ireland.


What got you started vaping?

I started Vaping three years ago when I bought a Kangertech pen... It was terrible, but it gave me an interest the different mods and juices , and that was enough! My main priority, like everyone else who starts vaping, was to give up the stinky sticks! But its just blossomed from there really.


How did you find Butt Out?

Well thats an interesting one...I met on a dark June Friday night at Hellfest Metal festival while trying to pitch my tent the proprietor of Butt out. He offered his help, but I insisted I could do it myself. Matt, in true American fashion, was still worried about having the tent ready for the night and just helped me anyway! The next morning was spent having breakfast, I was vaping and it was at that point Matt told me about Butt Out!


What do you do outside of vaping?

Outside of Vaping, I live with my wonderful girlfriend Johanna in Maynooth. I work in Dublin City in the banking trade. I love football, rugby, and American Football! I'm a Green bay fanboy who has a soft spot for the Browns. I love metal and prog rock! Dublin's got a really good metal scene these days so I gig it in town at least twice a month, whether its local bands or acts from the UK or North America!


What advice would you give to people new to vaping?

This is a fantastic question! My advice to anybody who wants to use vaping as a way of giving up smoking is that it's going to take time! You do not just start vaping and that's it. When I started vaping I still smoked as well, I'd vape a bit then just start smoking again. So what I did was think of all the places I smoke, ie: the house, car, work, pub, bus/train stop, then I said, I'm not smoking in the house anymore, then it moved to not smoking at the train station, and then eventually, I didn't smoke when I was out with friends in the pub! All of that took around 3-4 months! Remember, the primary goal is to stop smoking, when that is done, then you can really start to enjoy the hobby of Vaping

What’s your favorite flavor?

I vape 3mg Nic on a Wismec Luxotic, and BF Pulse. snickerdoodle and Willow are amazing!I I love the Blueberry for my Cleito Pro tank with Aegis Legend mod!


Thanks Dáire

December 21, 2018 by Dane Burns