Have you been enjoying the same flavor for a long time and all of a sudden you can’t taste it anymore? Welp, that's vape tongue.

It is the bane of my vape life. I am the sort that will fall in love with a flavor and vape it FOR-EV-ER. After a while I can’t taste the flavor anymore, but I rationalize it with I know what it is supposed to taste like. Eventually that flavor that you can’t taste turns evil on you and for some reason ends up tasting like a dead (burnt) coil even from a fresh coil that you know for sure gave enough time to wick up. Here's some tips I've learned on my quest to vanquish vaper's tongue.


It's dangerous to go alone, take these tips.

Think of your taste buds like one of those clicker toys; you know the ones that you drove your parents mad with. After a while they stopped clicking because it had been overused. Your taste buds really are not all the different. Keep stimulating the buds with the same flavors over and over they eventually “get tired” for lack of a better term. They need a break, they need a change. But that change needs to be a total flavor profile change.

I’ll go ahead and use myself as an example. The first time I ran into this problem was with a flavor that I absolutely loved. It is a light nuanced flavor that combined graham cracker and English toffee to perfection. I loved it with my coffee in the mornings and the flavor was light and pleasant for all day vaping. I vaped that flavor for a year and a half. No breaks no changes just toffee all day everyday. For about a year everything was heaven.

Then one morning I hit that vape during the morning coffee ritual and I couldn’t taste the flavor of the vape at all. Luckily it was a weekend so I ran to my vape shop. Obviously there was something wrong with my hardware I thought. I explained everything to my vape shop dood. He took everything apart. Checked all the things that could be checked and reported back that everything was on the up and up. It was then that he described Flavor Blindness or Vape Tongue to me. My world had fallen apart before my eyes. After trying a bunch of new flavors at the shop, I couldn’t find anything that made me as happy as I was before with that toffee. I eventually went home with more Toffee because I knew what it was supposed to taste like and didn’t care that I couldn’t taste it anymore.

I thought I had a good strategy to get past the Vape Tongue. Ignore the fact I can’t taste my vape, just remember what it tasted like in the past. Let me tell you that was indeed the wrong call to make. About six months later every single hit off my vape tasted like a dead coil. It was horrendous and vile. I couldn’t continue like this, no one likes the taste of burnt coil. So back to the vape shop I went. My vape shop dood looked at my face and knew exactly what I was about to say. Before I could utter a word he asked if I was still using the toffee. Yes I replied staring at the ground in shame for not taking his advice 6 months ago. I tried to warn you he said. Now we absolutely have to find a flavor that shares nothing in common with the toffee.


Your kidding right? Nothing in common? That is nuts. This flavor was everything I wanted from a liquid. How can I possibly settle for not toffee. I watched with a little anger as he dumped the last of my wonderful, delicious toffee in the trash can. I told him that the coil was new this morning. He said great this will help me show you that vape tongue was an actual thing. Now what new flavor do you want? I asked for whatever flavor was the most popular at the time. He sold me a small bottle that was a tropical fruit blend… I hated the idea of fruit in a vape. I didn’t think fruit had any reason to exist in vapeland.

As he proceeded to refill my tank with the fruit abomination I cringed at the thought. He handed it to me with a cheeky smile and said enjoy. I kid you not, that coil i swore was burnt out provided a super strong flavor profile of tropical fruity goodness. To be completely honest here. I wasn’t happy with the flavor. But there was a flavor I was tasting considerable improvement from every hit tasting like coil death.  

So to sum everything up.

  • Keep your flavors fresh.
  • Rotate between a few flavors.

Two isn’t enough variety to keep the vape tongue away. I’ve been down that road too. If you do go blind to a flavor change up the whole profile. If you loved cereals and can’t really taste them any more find a flavor that has no creamy notes. If you are blind to a fruit flavor try a different fruit. Sometimes that is enough. But if not find a desert or cereal or even maybe a sour vape to counter the flavors you can’t taste.


Do you have any tips or tricks for vanquishing vape tongue?

Feel free to leave your comments or remedies for vape tongues below.



January 16, 2019 by Brice Christiansen

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