Friend or Faux Quality E-liquids

Incredible Quality

Every batch of Friend or Faux E-Liquid is made to the highest specifications with the best quality ingredients available. We source USP grade PG and VG and high-purity, great tasting nicotine from trusted vendors for each batch. We spent countless hours over a mixing bench perfecting our flavor blends, producing complex, rich flavors to satisfy the most demanding palates. We carefully balanced our base ratios to produce the richest vapor and most satisfying experience possible. This is the juice we've always wanted to vape, and it shows in every single bottle.

Impeccable Style

Our focus is always first and foremost on the liquid itself, but that doesn't mean other elements of the experience are neglected. Our bottles are beautiful, our labels are eye-popping and every element of our presentation is calculated to enhance the experience of purchasing and vaping our liquid to the utmost degree. We want our customers to know that our product is premium and special before they've even cracked the bottle, and they do. Our presentation is the best - it needs to be, because so is our liquid.

Precise, Efficient Production

We love our liquids. Because we care so much about them, we produce them in a clean, professional mixing lab with precision equipment and absurdly high quality control standards. We care about our vendors, so we have keep our production costs low and our quality of product high. We value those who vape our liquid most of all, so we make sure that every order of our liquid produced and shipped as quickly as possible, so our vendor's shelves are never without it and the customers are never left wanting. We work hard every day to make sure every step of our process is as safe, efficient and hassle free for our customers as is humanly possible, and we have no plans of ever stopping.

Not seeing the flavor you're looking for?

Peachy Keen Ginger Tea, Old Tyme Sarsparilla and Orange Glazed Sticky Roll have been moved over to our discontinued page and are still available in 100ml bottles for $45.00