Professor Denny's Lemon Meringue

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"It's not just genius that makes it happen, my lad", said Professor Denny, stirring his tea amidst the beakers and burners with which he had forged his fame. "You focus to much on the engine. Experience has taught me to focus on the fuel.". With that, the professor lifted his fork and brought the tines down through a pie of exquisite richness. His genius had wrought a mixture of the sharpest citrus, richest creams and the kind of crust that lives on in legend. Tasting the wonder himself, the protege finally understood: It was not only the effort a mind could put forth that mattered, but also the richness of it's rest.

Prepared for you in a 30ml or 100ml child-resistant, glass dropper bottle. With a careful blend of 70% VG and 30% PG.